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Why do an internship in China with FourStars?

Who we are

FourStars is an employment agency accredited by the Italian Work Ministry, the Lumbardy region, and the Veneto region. Operating since 2000, it has provided professional opportunities to more than 75,000 young workers through prestigious internships, professional networking events, international employment referrals, language and culture immersion training, and international relocation assistance. FourStars transforms aspiring professionals into industry leaders through invaluable work experience and powerful work relationships making them global experts in today’s competitive economy.

Internships in China

We deliver ideal solutions for U.S. professionals searching for international work experience and new advancement opportunities in the Chinese market. Our services extend beyond theory into professional and personal development applications. The two Chinese internship programs include the Internship Program (Internship + Support) and the Internship Master Program (Internship + Support + Culture and Language Training Business oriented). Both all-inclusive programs provide 360 degrees of support.


Because FourStars is a world-renown employment agency, U.S. internship candidates must apply and be selected to participate in this competitive internship program. Candidates are reviewed based on their resume/CV, English skills, their motivation for a Chinese internship, and the good-fit between the prestigious internship position and the candidate’s professional goals. Final candidates will be interviewed to assess their aptitude for international travel and cross-cultural adjustment (i.e. open-mindedness, flexibility, adventurous curiosity). Learn more about all upcoming departure flights and programs in Shanghai, China on the "Departures" webpage.

Choose Shanghai

Live in the world’s most progressive and international city

Shanghai, China is the world’s center hub for successful international professionals. To demonstrate this, FourStars’ has sponsored American photographer and entrepreneur, Alec Von Bargen, to demonstrate how Americans can professionally and personally thrive in this fast-paced, multicultural, modern metropolis. Alec shares how work experience in Shanghai can be significant for professional advancement in today’s competitive international workforce.

Watch the following video to hear Alec Von Bargen’s cross-cultural philosophy and inspirational story. He describes his overseas experience and successes in Shanghai’s eclectic and contemporary city.

360° support

What you need to live and succeed in China

Supporto a Shanghai

FourStars empowers U.S. interns to advance in their careers through extraordinary overseas work experience and helps them to fully take advantage of their time in Shanghai. Our programs teach U.S. interns how to navigate within China’s complex culture through the development of intercultural skills.

All-Inclusive Support: FourStars provides 360 degrees of support from international flights and Chinese Visa assistance to post-arrival airport pick-up, welcome orientation, and transitional instruction. We also provide accommodations, professional networking events, language classes, tourist activities, SIM cards, city maps, and much more.

Internship Programs: FourStars coaches U.S. internship candidates before they leave for China, accompanies them to meet their hosting internship company and administrators, monitors the internship experience through periodic meetings, and facilitates young expat networking communities.